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Manoucher Parvin, widely regarded as a polymath, has published novels, poems, short stories, and numerous works in a variety of scientific fields.

Professor Parvin's latest published novel, Alethophobia (fear of truth), is a witty literary dissection of the American university system.

The novel-in-verse entitled Dardedel: Rumi, Hafez, and Love in New York, published by The Permanent Press, has received raving reviews.

New editions of Parvin's previously published novels  Cry for My Revolution, Iran, and Avicenna and I: the Journey of Spirits are now available.

On top of a demanding academic career and his creative work as a writer and poet, Dr. Parvin has been active all his adult life for causes such as human-rights, civil-rights, environment, and feminist struggles.

He has served as President of two international scholarly organizations: The Middle East Economic Association and The International Society for Iranian Studies. He has also served on the editorial boards of several scholarly journals.

He has appeared as a TV and radio commentator here and abroad including appearances on NBC and PBS, and has lectured in many countries of the world.

As a single parent, he nursed his son, now Dr. Mark Parvin, through the suburban public school system in Ohio.

Manoucher is a creative cook, and chess addict and writer. He can play chess blindfolded and has won several championships including an Ohio state title.

Sadly perhaps he is still a project - his shortcomings outnumbering his longcomings. But he can make you laugh at himself and whatever else that exists.
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