(c) 2008 Manoucher Parvin
"Manoucher Parvin has written a sensitive and passionate historical novel about Iran's revolution and revolutionaries. It will surely take its place among the best of third world political literature."
          -- The Guardian

"The reviewer began the novel with skepticism but finished it with admiration for the author. … Parvin has written a novel that is worth the strong attention of concerned Americans."
          -- Choice

"Cry for My Revolution, Iran is a sensitive and passionate historical and political novel, it is a big book written with a big sense of purpose to tell the truth without compromise. It is big in its scope, big in events it chooses to narrate and even bigger in its ambitions. The author Professor Manoucher Parvin, a polymath, embodies the story with ideas from all fields of social sciences and psychology and history in which he has scholarly publications.
          At the end I was not sure if I was entertained more or learned more!
          It starts like this: "At the beginning the world was full of beginnings.....There was no history yet; no man, no cannibal, no slave owner, no feudal land lord, no capitalist, no commissar fought over possessions, and no adjectives distinguished beauty from ugliness..."
          Cry for my Revolution, Iran is a relentlessly absorbing story of lovers and revolutionaries spanning New York, Teheran, Washington , and the entire third world countries. As a well researched Documentary-Drama it will be read forever by those who want to know the truth about the revolution in Iran and the religious counter revolution. I recommend it to the readers of literary-political novels as well as to scholars."
          -- Dr. Nargess M. Britton, Ph.D., Literature

"Parvin's novel is a relentlessly absorbing story of two young lovers enmeshed in the political upheavals of today's Iran."
          -- Leo Hamalian,
              Editor of Literary Journal Ararat,
              Professor, The City College of New York

"Cry for my Revolution, Iran is a big book, written with a sense of wholeness and totality. It's big in size, it's big in scope of the events it narrates; and it's big in its ambitions. It contains within it an education of its own in politics, economics, social science, religion, and history."
          -- CIRA Newsletter

"This fervent and articulate book is essential to anyone who wishes to go beyond American newspaper and television accounts for a truer picture of relations between the United States and Iran following World War II, for the clichés do not explain that poisoned marriage."
          -- Thomas Fillvin

"Readers interested in comparing the Iranian revolution to contemporary uprisings in other Third World countries … will find this book thought-provoking and enlightening."
          -- Sheldon B. Liss, Historian / Author

"To Manoucher Parvin, the disclosures about the Reagan Administration's secret dealings with Iran came as no surprise - they read like parts of his novel."
          -- Beacon Journal,
              1986 Pulitzer Prize-winning journal
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