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Dardedel is a "witty insightful clash of cultural perspectives".
          -- Kirkus

"Parvin's playful [story] is a freewheeling dialogue, or dardedel, on the subjects of art, love, Persian history and modern Iranian politics. The well-balanced chemistry between the three men caries the narrative, Parvin's dialogues are entertaining, and the author wisely sticks to a lighthearted take on his two legendary reincarnations. Admirers of Rumi and those interested in Eastern spirituality are a natural audience.
          -- Publishers Weekly

"'Dardedel' is opening your heart to another heart - fully, without reserve. Dardedel "unchains us from the burdens of our isolation and loneliness. By uniting our soul with another soul our deepest thoughts and feelings are set free without the shame of judgment or the fear of betrayal".
          -- Murray McDade

"Dardedel displays an unquenchable thirst within man for love, perfection and humanity. The enchanting Mitra, the embodiment of everlasting love and light, enlightens a musical craving for love within man. Professor Manoucher Parvin has written a palatable, seductive tale that definitely leaves the reader begging for more. The wisdom of Hafiz and Rumi speaks directly to the heart of philosophy, social theory, and education; it demonstrates a bridge of understanding between the relationship of man to himself (Professor Pirooz) as well as the one between two cultures which are in desperate need of mutual empathy."
          -- Dr. Nargess M. Britton, Ph.D., Literature

"Manoucher Parvin is the 21st-century Rumi!"
         -- an Amazon review

"Dardedel, a novel in verse, is a masterpiece that one would read again and again. It sparkles with the wisdom and spirituality of the East and the science and rationality of the West. Its love story between the dazzling and brilliant Mitra and the legendary poet rebel Hafez will become a classic of the 21st Century."
          -- an Amazon review
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